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While visiting our websites viewers should maintain in their mind that under the circumstance of any direct, indirect and consequential harm, we won’t have the accountability for that. They would be answerable themselves to any issue if arises.

Privacy and Policies

We strictly emphasize the safety and security of our viewer’s data as it falls under our significant consideration. Approaching viewers to our websites are suggested to provide their some of the basic data which might of their personal concern. We assemble these data with a view to maintaining the security at proper level. Further, we utilize it for the addition of more facilities to our products, services, content and advertisings. Howbeit we have made the arrangement of an option to have the decision according to the desire of viewers in term of sharing their personal information.  If they don’t want to provide their personal data or information then they may easily select not do so. But on the other hand, they won’t be able to take the advantage of our prescribed products and services.

The personal data about which we usually make collection are

After making approach by viewers to create an ID on our website, they are advised for providing some basic data relating to their personal concern that generally comprise their name, email address, phone number and also credit card information.  We later make use of this accumulated information to fulfill the demand and other expectations of our viewers. Apart from these, we also use the viewer’s personal information to conduct the process of development, creation, operation and improvement of our products and services.

We are entirely inclined towards the security of viewer’s data and always try our best to maintain their data away from the unauthorized access in all situations. We store all the collected data of our viewers inside the computer which is kept under the supervision of limited people of our firm.  When viewers while visiting our website make any post in the forums then it becomes visible to other viewers also and hence we suggest them to be attentive and careful if they think to execute this posting. We also impart the useful and working guidelines to our all team members so that they may be capable to follow all the possible rules that have been created to keep data of our viewers safe.